Acupuncture: Side effects of acupuncture

People who have come to us for acupuncture treatment often say they experience beneficial changes on top of those for the condition they came for.  Here are some of their comments.

“I feel much more relaxed within myself”

Most of us don’t give ourselves the luxury of relaxation without engaging in anything: mobile phone, laptop, TV or book. Lying on the couch for 45 minutes whilst letting the needles do their work is a much needed ‘time-out’. This not only enhances the treatment but also how we feel.

“I sleep much better”

When we feel more relaxed it is easier for us to switch off and that in turn improves our sleep.

“My skin looks much better”

This is a great side effect of the needles. After some regular sessions our circulation improves which shows as a healthy glow of our skin.

“I have more energy”

Feeling more relaxed and less stressed helps with our energy. We may get out of bed more easily in the morning. We may feel less lethargic during the day. We may notice a little spring in our step as we go about our lives.

“I am much more regular”

If our digestion used to be sluggish or too fast acupuncture can help even this out. This also affects our bowels and we may notice we become more regular.

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