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“Hi Tess, my elbow pain is gone [after last night's treatment], it's like magic. Thanks a lot. I slept through the night too, which is amazing. Six hours straight." 


January 2024

“I have been having acupuncture treatment with Tess, Annetta and Debbie since last summer. I suffer from Hashimoto’s and have been having problems with my periods for about 15 years. As the autoimmune disease finally improved last year, I decided to try acupuncture. Since January, my PMT and period are back to normal… I forgot what it was like!

I would definitely recommend these lovely ladies: professional, caring, they know what they are doing and I appreciate the ethical side of their business. I would advise to be patient with the treatment and results, and be gentle with mind and body. It takes time to address issues especially when they’ve been there for a while. I treated my health concern holistically, thanks to Tess’s invaluable advice, and I have now left a stressful job and gone back to university… and I’m glad I did it, I am no longer tired, irritable, stressed and overwhelmed.

I treat my acupuncture day as ‘me time’, I switch off and rest. The location helps as the treatment room is in a beautiful listed house; after my session, I normally grab a cup of tea from the cafe, and spend some time in the park with a book.

Thank you Tess, Annetta and Debbie for giving me my health back and, more importantly, hope — especially after being told by my GP and several consultants that there was nothing they could do. See you on Saturday!!!"


March 2022

“I’d never had acupuncture before and Tess really helped me with the pain in my knee. She recommended a wonderful physiotherapist to me also. Very grateful and excellent value.”


February 2022

“Welcoming and professional space. Held in a beautiful old building. I felt relaxed, listened to and really enjoyed my acupuncture sessions here. Thank you, : )”


February 2022.

“The best accupuncture place in London! With excellent therapists who really know what they are doing and great prices! Also in a lovely part of London near a cafe and park, I have really been helped by these guys and I used to manage Triyoga so know a good therapist when I see one, this is the place for accupuncture!”


February 2022

“I have been returning to Wellpoint for treatment on many occasions. From shoulder injury to stress and sleeping problems. The treatment, together with gentle calming music, can practically put me to sleep in no time. I’ve actually booked a few sessions because I find it so relaxing.

Practitioners are very experienced and professional, and the price is very affordable.

I would like to give special thank you to Ghila, who has been treating me for years.”


February 2022

“I started acupuncture as the last thing I could do to ease my back pain. Didn’t think much of it until last summer…I was so wrong. I’m sorry I missed out and was in so much pain just because someone said it won’t work. I should have tried it loooong time ago.

Did some research before trying WellPoint Acupuncture and to be honest I chose it because of the affordability and the location (close to my work place). I’M SO HAPPY I DID!!! It’s set in a nice historic building, next to a park…everybody around there is nice and polite!!! WONDERFUL!!!

I recommend it to all my friends and to everyone who’s willing to try. IT DOES WORK! Not only for back pain…relaxing, digestive issues… just give it a try and be willing to wait for a few sessions before seeing results.

All the therapists there (especially Tess are very professional, nice, patient and they cater to your needs. You’ll feel special there :)) If I could rate more than 5 stars I definitely would!!! It changed and improved my life and hopefully it’ll change yours too!!!”


February 2022

“Over a long time I have attended the Wellpoint Clinic for acupuncture sessions, for a variety of problems. So far I have consulted three of the clinicians, all charming. There is an atmosphere of charm and peace, making it easier to talk with them and then to relax during treatment. The background soothing music helps. They have been able to eliminate some nasty discomforts for which I am very grateful.”

Professor Stanley Gelbier,

February 2022

“Thank you for the acupuncture I received from your clinic in Summer 2020 while I was having IVF treatment. I am so pleased to say that the IVF treatment was successful and my husband and I welcomed baby Oscar into our family. The treatment I received at Wellpoint was excellent and I am so grateful for the support you provided to help us get pregnant with our beautiful baby boy.”


October 2021

“I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome/ Bell’s palsy (left side of face drooping with no movement). After 4 months of no recovery from physiotherapy, I was informed that I may need to have surgery to recover. Acupuncture was the last resort for recovery without surgery – I visited Tess and….

Simply excellent results and fantastic acupuncture experience, the best you will find! From the first visit, I could tell Tess cares about your health and she put me at total ease. She advised me of diet changes I needed to make and planned my treatment. After 4 sessions of acupuncture, the recovery process started (I wished I had been to see Tess within a few days of being diagnosed).

After regular acupuncture sessions and change of diet, I am almost recovered and am confident I will fully recover without surgery.

I have had most of my acupuncture sessions with Tess and Annetta, but have also had treatments with Ghila and Debbie. All 4 ladies are very good. The team regularly have meetings to discuss plans of action for each patient and track progress.

Thank you Tess and team for your help, support and care to getting me better.”


August 2021

“Just wanted to let you know that after the final round of acupuncture, I did get pregnant and am now 19 weeks! Thank you once again for the treatment, but more importantly, for the determination and for listening. I found the whole experience very beneficial and relaxing.”


December 2020

“A welcoming, calm, supportive and reasonably priced clinic. Found acupuncture helpful during IVF with PGD treatment. Relieved stress and I believe it helped with the success of the treatment as the first embryo transfer was successful. Would highly recommend the clinic.”

Female (Anonymous),

February 2019

“I heard how acupuncture can help with IVF and decided in order to maximise my chances I would give it a try. Conscious of how expensive fertility treatment is I was relieved to have found Wellpoint which was very affordable. In the months I attended Wellpoint I was seen by Ghila, Annetta and Tess. All three were extremely friendly, calm, patient, understanding and flexible when it came to fitting me in around embryo transfer dates. After my 4th attempt at IVF I am now pregnant and very happy! I would definitely recommend Wellpoint to help assist with any fertility treatment.”


January 2019

“I booked the first acupuncture appointment as a way to help heal my congestion and flu symptoms but came out with so much more. After talking to Tess I realised that I was dealing with grief and depression and this was effecting my health. She was very skilled in noticing patterns in my physical health by doing some checks and in my emotional state. So she worked on certain acupressure points for this. I felt completely comfortable in her care to let go, relax and let the treatment do its work. Even after the first session I felt a lot brighter and lighter not as foggy minded. And by the second session my flu symptoms were completely healed. It works on such a deeper level than your standard pharmaceuticals that you might turn to in these situations and so makes you feel more whole, like your real self. Thank you to this space for organising in such a way that makes it affordable for people because it’s so special to share!”

December 2018

“I finished a course of six acupuncture sessions at Wellpoint last week. I had three with Tess and three with Ghila. I’ve been suffering with bulged discs for the past year. I also had some shoulder/upper arm pain. There was a marked improvement after the first session and then more gradually over the next five. Both Tess and Ghila were kind, friendly and knowledgeable. I think I will try and go for a couple of sessions every couple of months to keep my condition under control. I highly recommend this acupuncture clinic to anyone. Thank you Tess and Ghila. I am very grateful.”


October 2018

“I have been suffering from back and neck problems the last few month so I have been receiving acupuncture treatment on a regular basis at Wellpoint. I can only say that the treatments have been helping me a lot to get on with my daily life and continue my work. After every session I do get a lot of relief from muscle spasms and gradually it has been helping to get significantly better. All therapists are extremely professional, helpful and friendly. They do listen to your problems and they try to help according to your individual needs.
“I would highly recommend Wellpoint Acupuncture to anyone with similar problems.”


“I came in miserable and left feeling great! The pain down my leg was so severe, I had to take up to 5 pain killlers a day. Now I take 1 a day. I feel so much better after my treatment at your clinic.”


“I have been suffering with acute sinusitis from May 2015 until Christmas. Feeling tired from all the over-the-counter medicines, three bouts of antibiotics together with steroids, nothing worked. After two sessions of acupuncture and cupping with Monica at Wellpoint I am feeling much better.”

Leon Manson

“I have had acupuncture treatment before but this time the course was slightly longer, yet the benefits greater. My knees ache less know and feel stronger. Great results from great specialists, offering a great service.”

A. Newman

“I came to Wellpoint as I knew I wasn’t feeling very healthy but after being to the doctors I was told there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I had no energy but slept for eight hours and needed to have energy so I could run my business. Alongside that I had an irregular menstrual cycle from my teenage years which had never been helped.

I knew the benefits of acupuncture but had never tried it before and thought I should give it a go. Each session was amazing. Ghila was calm and spent time to know my history before each treatment. She would be honest with me when I wasn’t treating my body too well (which I needed) and gave me the right advice on what to do to help.

I love coming as I am able to relax and restore myself and take some well deserved me-time!

Since coming to Wellpoint I have so much more energy, I am calmer and now have a regular menstrual cycle! I have even been told I am glowing and look healthy!

I would recommend Wellpoint to anyone and everyone, especially if you have any women’s health concerns and lead a stressful lifestyle!”

D. White

“This has been the first time I have had acupuncture and it has helped me recover from lower back pain. I injured myself in the gym as I do a lot of power lifting and strained my lower back. From the first session I felt a lot of pain relief and I have found that this treatment has helped me most. I appreciate the time of the staff at Wellpoint in helping me recover from my injury.”

M. Razeen

“I have been visiting Wellpoint for over a year since my back injury in 2013. I had several weeks off work and had suffered long periods of chronic back pain. The people at Wellpoint are all extremely knowledgeable and spent a lot of time getting to know my specific condition. The treatments have always been extremely effective and at very reasonable rates I would recommend paying them a visit.”

Dan Barton

“I have been attending the Wellpoint Clinic for several weeks and the treatment and kindness from the practitioners has been excellent and has helped enormously with my problem. I can highly recommend them. Thanks girls!”


“After 2.5 years of trips to GPs and specialists, acupuncture is the only thing that has helped me. Monica and Ghila listened to my problems in a very professional and caring way. The clinic is affordable, clean and convenient and I would recommend Wellpoint to anyone who requires acupuncture.”


Electro-acupuncture at Wellpoint helps me for my lower back pain. So glad it gives me relief and strength. I love it and will be back to keep it supple and pain free!! Thank you.”


“I have been to several acupuncturists over the years and Wellpoint is by far the best. I am treated with compassion and kindness by very experienced acupuncturists. Monica is one of the best acupuncturists I have come across. After a few sessions with her my back pain and shoulder pain have improved a lot. I also feel more calm and focused.”


“Thank you for doing what you do and for making it possible for me and others to benefit from the wonders of acupuncture. I didn’t always believe that it could help me but my life is a far happier and brighter one than before I stumbled upon Wellpoint and was treated by each of you. Thank you.”

L. Cheadle

“I have been going to Wellpoint for nearly two years and I think it is the most wonderful place. I always feel looked after and treated with the utmost respect and genuine care. The treatments have helped me sleep better, improve my digestion and cope with the stresses of modern life. It’s my place of refuge and I always come out feeling calm, grounded and positive. Thank you to the amazing staff at Wellpoint!”

A. Davy

“Wellpoint offer excellent and affordable acupuncture treatment. The treatment rooms are spotless and the service from the acupuncturists is brilliant. I can’t recommend enough.”

D. Astarita

“After suffering pain and tension in my left knee I decided to try acupuncture. Regular pain killers had not helped so much as I hoped. My first visit to Wellpoint Acupuncture gave me relief and the best night sleep in weeks. Further visits have completely reduced the tension and the pain is minimal. I would thoroughly recommend Wellpoint to anyone who feels they have tried regular remedies and conventional medicine to treat their health problem.”


nurse practitioner

A gentleman came with knee pain. He had fallen on his knee about a month ago and his knee was painful, stiff and swollen. It also felt warm to the touch. He had been taking anti-inflammatories but the pain didn’t diminish. For an active person not being able to do his usual exercises was very hard. After the first treatment the pain and stiffness were greatly improved and the swelling had also gone down. After 3 more treatments there was some residual stiffness still in the morning but he was back to his normal active life. “I can’t get over how quickly acupuncture has worked for my knee. I am telling everyone I know about this. This is great.”

A success story at Wellpoint. A 12-year-old boy had debilitating headaches every day for about a month. The headache was so intense that he couldn’t go to school as he couldn’t concentrate. It also affected his sleep. He got prescribed medication which made him feel worse and did not help with the headache. His mother was desperate when she came with her son to our clinic. After the first session he felt much better and the headache had greatly reduced. After three more sessions he is much better and back at school. In his own words, “The medication didn’t help at all but acupuncture really worked.”

“Annetta at Wellpoint was very good with acupuncture. She is friendly and understanding. My knees improved a lot. I can bend and squat again. My general health improved too. I didn’t have a cold yet since September and in the past I used to have several colds during the winter season. I feel less worried about life too.”


“I had acupuncture at Wellpoint because of problems with early menopause. I am 41. I felt anxious and tired most of the time. I had hot flushes, night sweats and headaches. I have been on HRT and I tried Lady Core device and pills. I decided to quit HRT but couldn’t cope with the symptoms so I started having acupuncture. After a few sessions I felt like a newborn, all my health problems just gone.”


“I have enormous gratitude for the acupuncturists at Wellpoint for their expertise and advice. I have found an enormous improvement with regard to the condition with which I came for treatment and the benefit to my life has been fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wellpoint to anyone seeking treatment for a whole range of conditions.”


“I suffered from constipation for more than 6 months. I am really pleased that after just a few treatments at Wellpoint clinic my digestion felt already much better. Not only that, but I feel more energetic and confident in myself. Also my appetite has improved. Friends and family say I look really well.”

Mrs Patel

“I just want to say how wonderful treatment I received from the practitioners!! I saw three of the practitioners over a 2 week period and was very pleased with the treatment they provided. I came to Wellpoint with a terrible painful spasm in my lower back and I must say that already after the first acupuncture treatment I felt an enormous relief. Hence I decided to try another 2 sessions three days apart. A combination of these with an osteopath treatment caused the pain and spasm to disappear completely.

“All the practitioners are very polite, friendly and professional. Thank you very much again and I will (and already have done!) recommend you to my friends.”


“I got told that I had glandular fever at the beginning of November 2013. I was convinced I would be able to beat it quickly with sleep, a healthy diet and walks in the fresh air when I felt up to it. After doing this for 3 months and just not getting better I decided to try acupuncture at Wellpoint.

“Glandular fever is not just about the prolonged tiredness, but the depression that came with it was just impossible to get rid of. After 2 sessions at Wellpoint I feel completely back to myself. I forgot what it was like to be able to walk down the road or go out for dinner without needing to go to bed after an hour. I am back to my bubbly self and could not be happier! Thank you so much – everyone should do acupuncture!”

Emma Bloch

“I can totally recommend Wellpoint Clinic for acupuncture. I had been feeling low in energy and my immune system was depleted. I was getting colds and headaches and was feeling more tired than usual. I had been receiving acupuncture before but could no longer afford it so I was thrilled to find Wellpoint Clinic. It is very professional and affordable and Monica has supported me on each visit with clear, accurate and friendly treatment and advice.”

Will Ian Sessions

“What an excellent concept and very good and experienced practitioners. The treatments have accelerated my healing and balanced my energy. Highly recommended.”


management consultant

“I came to Wellpoint Acupuncture Clinic with an extremely sore and tense back, probably caused by a dodgy mattress and poor posture at work. After two sessions I felt immense relief from the tension and the pain is almost all gone. The improvement has been nothing short of spectacular and I am most grateful to the team here.”


“I am pleased to recommend Wellpoint Clinic. I was treated with the utmost attentiveness and benefited from my very first treatment. It’s affordability is a bonus in these economically difficult times.”

Dr D. Hass

“Treatment at Wellpoint was very good. My foot was very bad, I could barely walk. After the first treatment there was already improvement and now it’s ok again. I am very pleased with the treatments.”

Violet Bray

“Acupuncture has helped with my aching and tired feet and has given me my life back, as the pain in my feet was so unbearable before I had acupuncture at Wellpoint. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose.”

C. Porfirio

“I have been suffering with severe sinusitis for the last 8 years and no medication helped. Acupuncture is the only treatment that has helped. I now have acupuncture treatment for my repetitive strain injury and backache at Wellpoint and it always works! I highly recommend it to all my family and friends.”

M. Lynch

“I had been searching for remedies for my bad back for many years and it wasn’t until I came to Wellpoint that something actually worked! Thanks so much! I can’t believe I waited so long before trying acupuncture.”

“Acupuncture has helped with my aching back, as the pain was unbearable before I had acupuncture at Wellpoint. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!”

B. Mulchandani

“I’d been suffering with a severe muscular pain deep in my shoulder and nothing seemed to deal with it so I decided to try something different. After the first session I felt some relief but following a few more sessions the pain and tightness finally disappeared completely. I’m very pleased I went to see Ghila and Annetta at Wellpoint when nothing else seemed to work. Highly recommended.”

D. Willoughby

“Everyone is so friendly and professional, I really have to say what a great find. My wife came across the Wellpoint Acupuncture clinic and introduced me to it. I had all sorts of aches and pains and was not feeling great within myself. Over the last four sessions I now feel more mobile, healthy and confident. My flexibility has improved and I am more relaxed, in fact I feel lighter. I have found the sessions very therapeutic and have a greater sense of well being. I really enjoy the treatments and if you need any recommendations I am happy to do so.”

S. Tanner

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