Wellpoint is four!

four yearsThis June Wellpoint is four years old. It is quite a landmark for us at Wellpoint and a time to celebrate and reminisce. We do wonder where the time has gone.

Although we opened 4 years ago, the vision of getting this clinic up and running took over 18 months before that and included the search for a venue, arranging contracts between partners and the actual setting up of our baby, the Wellpoint Clinic. This was not easy at times, but we are very pleased we accomplished it and are happy with our clinic.

So how did this come about? Ghila, one of our partners, took the initiative and placed an advert in the Acupuncture Council Journal inviting like minded Acupuncturists to come forward to set up a community clinic. The aim was to make acupuncture affordable and available throughout the week to the local community to maximise the benefits for our patients.

Her vision was to provide low cost acupuncture to help promote the benefits of health and healing through the power of needles.

To really get the benefits of acupuncture, patients may need treatment 2 or 3 times a week, depending on their condition. In the majority of private clinics where fees are higher, patients may not be able to afford this and therefore not get the full benefits of acupuncture. In a low cost community clinic patients are able to get regular treatment and get results quicker.  Annetta and Monica were excited by this project and knew the benefits it would offer the patients. And it has been just that.

When we opened 4 years ago, we had no patients and had to start from scratch. I remember when we had just 1 patient a week. Perseverance, marketing, hard work, turning up even when we had no patients to treat paid off. They say it takes 3 years, and it does.

We see patients with a wide variety of conditions at the clinic and due to the lower cost of treatment and some special offers (despite being so affordable), patients are able to come in up to 3 times a week if needed.

It has been a steep learning curve for us all. Finding out about venues that are suitable for acupuncture, getting a name, logo and website done and refurbishing and setting up the rooms, all takes time and effort.

Time and effort we are proud of and we hope to carry on with Wellpoint for many more years. It has been more than worth it now we are up and running. We could of course not have done this without our patients and we continue to rely on referrals and spreading the word.

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