Low Cost Multi-bed Clinic

Our aim in setting up a multi-bed clinic is to make it more affordable for people to have acupuncture and also to make it possible for someone to have a few treatments a week to get faster results. As our tagline says: “Acupuncture for Everyone”.

The multi-bed concept is a brilliant way to set up a clinic. With acupuncture, once the needles are in the patient will have around 30 minutes to relax. In that time we can go and see someone else and this allows us to see more patients an hour.  The great advantage for our patients is that they pay around half of a regular acupuncture session and still get an excellent treatment.

To maintain your privacy and dignity the consultation will be in a private room and we have curtains for privacy.

Our low cost multi-bed acupuncture clinic has now been open for 2.5 years. In our clinic we can treat 3 – 4 patients per hour in our 4-bed room and we still have capacity for more.

Nothing is as satisfying to us than to see patients improve their health and feel better here at Wellpoint. That was our aim with the multi-bed set up, to make it affordable and available. Our opening times reflect this, with slots available during the day as well as in the evening and at weekends to cater for those working full time.

We are members of ACMAC, the Association of Multibed Acupuncture Clinics. To find out more about ACMAC or multi-bed clinics please click here.

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