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Late Summer



After a long, hot Summer we are now in autumn. The days are getting shorter, there is a chill in the air and the trees are turning. This early autumn time can still get quite warm and is often referred to as Indian Summer or Late Summer.

Late Summer

In Chinese medicine this time is known as Late Summer and is seen as a separate season. Late Summer is related to the Earth element. This is the harvest time, where we gather in what the earth has provided for us. In earlier times, people had to rely on this to get them through the winter.

The Earth element’s nature is to receive nourishment, to absorb and contain energy and nourish us deeply. When our Earth element is healthy we feel grounded, supported, and can receive and accept.

The organs related to the Earth element are the Stomach and Spleen, our digestive system.


Boost Immune System

Often with the change of seasons, symptoms can get worse or we may get ill more easily

If you get coughs and colds easily throughout the winter, this is the time to come for some regular treatments to boost your immune system so you won’t catch every cold that goes around.

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