Hay fever and Sinusitis

Spring has sprung. The days are getting longer and nature is springing into life and flowers and trees are blossoming.

For many of us this change of season may also be the start of a runny nose, sore and itchy eyes and sneezing. Pollen, especially from birch trees and grasses are often the culprit of hayfever and sinusitis with one in four of us being sensitive to these.

Research has shown that acupuncture can help relieve symptoms of hayfever and sinusitis. See also the link below to an article in The Daily Mail.


Dietary Tips

In Chinese medicine all foods have an energetic quality and affect us in different ways. If your nose is runny or blocked and your head feels like cotton wool you want to avoid damp forming foods. Below we give you some suggestions.

Foods you can include more of in your diet:

  • Garlic
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Spinach
  • Whole Foods
  • Lemon
  • Honey

Foods to avoid:

  • Wheat and wheat products
  • Dairy products
  • Tomatoes
  • Sugar
  • Refined, ready made foods
  • Saturated fats



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