We at Wellpoint Acupuncture are passionate about Chinese medicine, the oldest form of medicine in the world, one that is effective, holistic and safe. The other thing we are passionate about is bringing this amazing medicine to as many people as possible by making it affordable. Good health need not be expensive.

Multibed Clinics

Wellpoint Acupuncture is a member of the UK’s Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC). This organisation, of which we have been a member since 2012, is dedicated to supporting and promoting multibed acupuncture in this country. All ACMAC member clinics are committed to providing affordable acupuncture to their local communities.

How it works

Multibed clinics are standard practice in China but a relatively new clinic model in the West, having been around only for the last 20 years. It is possible for acupuncturists to offer this type of service because acupuncture needles usually take 20-45 minutes to do their work, so the practitioner can place needles in one patient, leave them to relax into their treatment, and then move on to another patient.

How is it affordable?

By treating more than one patient each hour, a practitioner can significantly reduce the price of each treatment. The cost of rent per patient – bearing in mind that rent is usually the biggest expense for a small business – can also be reduced, and these savings can be passed on to the patient.

Please recommend us

We ask that you recommend affordable multibed acupuncture to your friends and family wherever they live in the UK by referring them to ACMAC.net. This website features a list of all multibed clinics in the country, a list that we hope will continue to grow with your help and support.

We created Wellpoint seven years ago with the vision of offering low-cost acupuncture to the local community. Please help us make Chinese medicine available to many more people by giving our clinic a review on either Facebook or Google, or by sending us a testimonial that we can post on our website. Reviews and recommendations help attract new patients and keep our business viable. Thank you for your help.

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