Autumn: Four tips for a healthy Autumn

autumn leaves

After such a long and warm summer, and a lovely Indian Summer, autumn has now arrived. The trees aree turning a beautiful gold and red whilst the summer flowers are fading. Nature is slowing down. We are now moving from the more active into the more passive time of year.

The turn of the seasons  is often a time when people get ill;, coughs and colds, flu or sinus infections are very common this time of year.

Here are four tips to stay healthy and beat the autumn bugs and blues.

1. Stay warm

Wrapping up and staying warm against the autumn chill helps your circulation. Wear a scarf to keep the wind from your neck. In Chinese medicine the neck is very susceptible to colds and chills which can lead to a common cold or flu.

If you feel the cold easily, then get yourself a kidney warmer. This is a piece of cloth you can wear around your waist. It keeps your lower back, kidneys and abdomen very snug. The centre of our body is where your base energy resides. Colds and draughts over this area can lead to pain, stiffness and over time can affect your energy levels. Keeping this area warm keeps your energy strong and healthy.

2. Eat well

Just as staying warm on the outside is good to prevent chills and colds, eating warming foods also helps you stay warm internally. In Chinese medicine eating warm foods such as soups and stews, nourishes your body better as the foods are more easily digested. This is especially so if your digestion is not so strong. It also supports our internal digestive fire which can suffer if we eat a lot of cold food. This in turn will support your energy levels.

3. Sleep well

Make use of the darker evenings to slow down and wind down properly before going to bed. Turning off laptops, tv and bright lights helps your body prepare for sleep, by boosting your melatonin levels. Having some quiet down-time also helps to quiet busy minds and leads to a good nights rest.

4. Move

With the days getting shorter and colder the temptation may be to just curl up on the sofa and reach for the biscuit tin. Try and maintain or establish an exercise routine that works for you. Just 20 minutes a day makes a big difference. It stimulates your circulation and also releases endorphins. So if you get the darkness blues, regular exercise can help you beat this.

Of course this is general advice that will suit most people. If you would like personal advice why not contact us?

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