Community or multi-bed clinic

Wellpoint is a so-called community or multibed clinic. So how did these clinics come about and what are they?

In China and the Far East acupuncture, Chinese herbs and tui na (Chinese massage) are all practiced alongside Western medicine in hospitals. There are huge wards where patients are being treated for acupuncture or tui na and patients are being treated alongside each other. This way a practitioner can treat many patients a day and it is common for patients to be treated daily to get the best results.

Chinese medicine students who have worked in hospitals in China experienced the benefits of working this way and started setting up multibed clinics in the West. In the UK the first one was set up  in Brighton in 2003 and since then many more have sprung up all over the UK.

This model works very well for acupuncture since the needles are left in for 30 – 40 minutes to do their work. During this time the practitioner can see someone else. This means that more people can be seen and therefore the treatment costs can be kept lower. With lower treatment costs it is more feasible for patients to come more often for treatment, which in turn gives better treatment results.

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