Chinese Nutritional Therapy: an introduction

“I eat a healthy diet”. As Chinese medicine practitioners we often hear this statement when asking patients about their food choices. But what is a healthy diet? For a Chinese medicine practitioner a traditional  ‘healthy’ diet is very different from the modern food choices recommended in magazines and on television. The Chinese medicine diet is based on energetic principles to encourage balance, clean burning digestion and a well functioning body, free from disease and full of energy.

Chinese nutrition lies at the root of Chinese medicine. This knowledge is now spreading into Western society, giving a greater understanding how food can be used as nutritional therapy.

One of the most important aspects of Chinese nutritional therapy is the recognition of individuality. There are no “one size fits all” diets. Everything is tailored to the individual’s needs, and those can differ widely.

Most Chinese medicine is traditionally based on the idea that our life force or Qi is in constant movement and transformation along meridian pathways.  When we digest food the Qi or life force energy sustains us and gives us life. Our life force can be improved and maintained by what we eat.

In the Eastern approach food itself brings in energy. The Qi or energy is in the food. The Western approach focuses on how the food eaten creates the metabolic energy. The Eastern concept of Yin and Yang is a philosophical and more spiritual approach to gaining health through food. The Western chemistry of acid and alkaline is more of a materialistic and scientific approach.  Both concept carry an equal understanding of balance.

Chinese nutritional therapy is available at Wellpoint Acupuncture.

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