Tongue Diagnosis

So many patients are asking why we need to see their tongue.

I know it is strange when we ask you to stick out your tongue, but in Chinese medicine this is a diagnostic tool.

tongue diagnosis

Tongue diagnosis

So what does your tongue say about you?

Acupuncturists will look at the size and shape of a tongue, as well as the colour and any particular markings, such as cracks or spots. The tongue is divided into 3 areas, back, middle and front, which correspond to the lower, middle and upper part of the body.


tongue areasThe various areas of the tongue correlate to the organs and if there are markings or spots on those areas it may say something about the energetic state of that organ. This does not mean that there is something wrong with your organs per se.


All of this gives us more information about the overall health and vitality of your body and informs our diagnosis and treatment plan.

So have a look and compare your tongue to these images. What does your tongue say about you?

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