Summer Time – Summer Foods

Summer foods to stay cool when it’s hot. Summer is here and, especially if the weather is hot, this is a good time to look at our diet. In summer indigestion can easily occur so a light and less greasy diet is strongly recommended. This is the season to introduce some cool, yin foods into Continue reading »

Body Clock

All living things respond to the cycles of the sun and moon, from the humble algae and bacteria through to animals and humans. Probably the most important rhythm is the approximately 24 hour body cycle of night and day. Most animals have an intrinsic sleep/wake cycle of about a day.   Chinese medicine meridian cycles Continue reading »

Acupuncture for Anxiety

Acupuncture is a natural way to relieve anxiety. It works faster than therapy and it is drug free. Managing severe anxiety can be tricky because it generally involves therapy which may not provide results for months. What’s more it can require medication which can have serious side-effects. Yet when acupuncture treatment for anxiety is effective, Continue reading »

Allergic Rhinitis

Hay fever is recognised by the annoying symptoms of watery nasal discharge, sneezing and itchy eyes and nose. Hay fever is actually a popular name for allergic rhinitis, a disease provoked by airborne pollen and other substances. Allergic rhinitis is usually a seasonal phenomenon. People who allergic to tree pollen will develop symptoms from mid-March Continue reading »

London Marathon

The London Marathon is here soon. This major event kick starts the summer sporting season with many other sporting events to follow over the coming months. Doing sports is great for our health; it benefits our heart and improves lung capacity. We feel more fit and sleep better. And the release of endorphins has a positive Continue reading »

Spring Time – Liver Time

It is Spring. Early Spring flowers are in bloom and buds appear on trees. In nature everything is starting to grow and blossom. This is a time when we also feel we should have fresh energy for our lives but often we don’t. So why is this? In Chinese medicine all seasons are linked to specific Continue reading »

Chinese Nutritional Therapy – classifications

Classifications of food in Chinese Nutritional Therapy Hot, cold, warming and cooling Within Chinese medicine every food is classified as having a particular nature; cold, hot, warm, cool and neutral. Generally speaking foods that take longer to grow such as carrots, parsnips, cabbage and ginseng are warmer than those that grow more quickly such as lettuce, Continue reading »

Knee Pain – a patient’s story

A gentleman came with knee pain. He had fallen on his knee about a month ago and his knee was painful, stiff and swollen.  It also felt warm to the touch. He had been taking anti-inflammatories but the pain didn’t diminish.  For an active person not being able to do his usual exercises was very hard. Continue reading »

Acupuncture benefits Children

Acupuncture benefits children too! Here a success story from our clinic: A 12 year old boy has had headaches daily for the past month. They are so debilitating that he can’t go to school and can’t concentrate. His sleep was also affected by the headaches.  He was prescribed medication but it made him feel worse and didn’t Continue reading »

Chinese Nutritional Therapy – an introduction

“I eat a healthy diet”. As Chinese medicine practitioners we often hear this statement when asking patients about their food choices. But what is a healthy diet? For a Chinese medicine practitioner a traditional  ‘healthy’ diet is very different from the modern food choices recommended in magazines and on television. The Chinese medicine diet is Continue reading »