Insomnia – Acupuncture beats drug for sleep

Acupuncture benefits sleep and reduces insomnia. This is the conclusion of a randomised- controlled trial in which acupuncture was compared to sham acupuncture and estalozam, a benzodiazepine medication. True acupuncture produced significantly superior patient outcomes for insomnia patients, including improvements in sleep quality and total sleep time. A two-month follow-up to the treatment regime demonstrates that Continue reading »


Every day in the UK 200.000 people will be lying low with a migraine. These can last from a few hours to several days. They are debilitating as people can’t go about their daily lives. There are different types of headaches. Generally there are two categories: The first is called the primary headache disorder and includes migraine, Continue reading »

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a very painful condition in which the shoulder is completely or partially unmoveable or stiff. It is one of the most painful conditions of the shoulder, the other one being calcific tendonitis, or referred pain from the neck. Frozen shoulder often starts out of the blue or it may Continue reading »

Dr Tan Balance Method

“It’s a miracle! My neck pain is gone.” This is the feedback from one of our patients after having received Dr Tan Balance Method to alleviate her neck pain and the tingling in her shoulder. After first being surprised to have her ankle needled to relieve the tension in her neck – my ankle is Continue reading »

Are you stressed?

Are you stressed? We at Wellpoint Acupuncture clinic can help. One in two phone calls to our low cost, affordable acupuncture clinic in North London is to help combat stress. Stress is a symptom arising from numerous causes, and is not uncommon in a metropolitan city like London, where almost everyone is stressed! According to Continue reading »

Fire element

  The Five Phases or Elements is a healing methodology within Chinese Medicine. According to this Summer is ruled by the Fire Element. The other Elements and corresponding seasons are Earth and late summer, Metal and autumn, Water and winter and Wood and spring.     These elements express the cyclical nature of how nature Continue reading »

Hepatitis – a patient’s story

At our low cost acupuncture clinic here at Wellpoint we treat many conditions and symptoms, including recovering from hepatitis. As one of our patient’s related to us: “I feel very grateful to have the Wellpoint team on my doorstep. They have played an important part in the recovery of my health and strength after having Continue reading »

Summer Time – Summer Foods

Summer foods to stay cool when it’s hot. Summer is here and, especially if the weather is hot, this is a good time to look at our diet. In summer indigestion can easily occur so a light and less greasy diet is strongly recommended. This is the season to introduce some cool, yin foods into Continue reading »

Body Clock

All living things respond to the cycles of the sun and moon, from the humble algae and bacteria through to animals and humans. Probably the most important rhythm is the approximately 24 hour body cycle of night and day. Most animals have an intrinsic sleep/wake cycle of about a day.   Chinese medicine meridian cycles Continue reading »

Acupuncture for Anxiety

Acupuncture is a natural way to relieve anxiety. It works faster than therapy and it is drug free. Managing severe anxiety can be tricky because it generally involves therapy which may not provide results for months. What’s more it can require medication which can have serious side-effects. Yet when acupuncture treatment for anxiety is effective, Continue reading »