Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD

Autumn time can be wonderful with the changing colours and abundance of reds and golds. With the evenings drawing in and snuggling up and getting cosy indoors. Many however, may feel a sense of dread as the daylight hours become less and less. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a debilitating disorder that affects many people Continue reading »

Coffee Morning in support of MacMillan

Next Friday the 30th of September will be a special day here at Wellpoint as we will be hosting a MacMillan Coffee Morning. Usually we are not in on Fridays, but for this important cause we will make an exception and we are looking forward to this special occasion. It is a cause close to our heart Continue reading »

Indian Summer in Chinese Medicine

We are now enjoying what is often referred to as an ‘Indian Summer’.  This is the period just after the height of Summer and before Autumn and the cooler weather set in. Summer has peaked and fruit and veg are bountiful. This is a time for harvesting and preparing for the colder and darker months Continue reading »

Acupuncture when pregnant

We often get asked can I have acupuncture when pregnant? Acupuncture, a non-intrusive intervention, is totally safe when you are pregnant. In fact, it can help with many pregnancy related issues such as sickness, heart burn, headaches, low back pain and sciatica, tiredness and also to help prepare for birth. A young pregnant woman recently came to Continue reading »

Plantar Fasciitis

“Acupuncture saved my life!” This was the first thing a patient suffering from plantar fasciitis exclaimed on his return visit. As an avid runner the pain in his toe  prevented him from doing his regular work-outs. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue on the sole of the foot Continue reading »

Stay cool this Summer

  Summer is here and it’s sizzling outside. How to stay cool this Summer so you can enjoy it. Here are some tips.   Stay Hydrated Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking enough water when it’s hot. Our bodies consist for about 80% of water so regularly sipping water throughout the day is a great Continue reading »

Pulse Diagnosis

What is the pulse diagnosis for? One of the most important diagnostic tools of the acupuncture practitioner is feeling the pulse at the radial artery on the wrist. If you have had an acupuncture treatment you may not have been surprised when your practitioner took your pulse. After all it is common practice for GPs as a way Continue reading »

Why do acupuncturists look at my tongue?

Why do acupuncturists look at their patients’ tongue? One of the more unusual experiences for a person visiting an acupuncturist is the request, ‘would you please stick out your tongue’! The practitioner then proceeds to peer intently at the protruding appendage, perhaps nodding sagely to themselves, or even drawing a diagram of the said tongue Continue reading »

Wellpoint is four!

This June Wellpoint is four years old. It is quite a landmark for us at Wellpoint and a time to celebrate and reminisce. We do wonder where the time has gone. Although we opened 4 years ago, the vision of getting this clinic up and running took over 18 months before that and included the search Continue reading »

Acupuncture helps kids too!

A case from our clinic We regularly get younger people into our clinic and recently a nine year old boy came with his mum. He usually has hay fever from March til July and his symptoms had worsened as he also had a cold. His eyes and nose were itchy and his nose was blocked Continue reading »