Spring: In Harmony with Spring

Five ways to be in harmony with Spring

As the season changes from winter to spring so the energetic nature of our lives changes from the Water element to the Wood element. The shift in energy from Water to Wood is very dramatic in nature and consequently very easy to observe. The secret is to understand that this shift is not only taking place all around us but is also expressing itself within us.



When we observe the coming of spring in the natural world we can clearly see the changes that are taking place. There is a strong upward movement of natural energy. The latent power of the winter becomes manifest; buds breakout of their sheaves on the trees, crocus, snowdrops, daffodils and tulips force their way through the soil and reach for the sun. The sap is rising in the trees, the birds are returning with their raucous cries, insects appear as if from nowhere, and the mammals come out of hibernation or become more active as food becomes plentiful and the famine of winter comes to an end.

This upward and outward movement of energy is also happening inside of you, physically and emotionally. To ignore it or to try to suppress it is to go against nature, to go against the Tao, the flow of life. Rather, harness it. The stream of the flow of life has quickened, it is time to swim a little harder to stay in harmony with the Tao.
Here are five ways to harness the wind and ride the energy of the green dragon:


Winter is over. All those latent ideas that you thought about during the long dark insular season must now be put into action. Wood is the energy of plan and action. Take your ideas, make a plan and then put it into action. Whether it is a change of job, a change of house, an idea for a new business venture or simply a new hobby the energy of the spring is here to be used. From the smallest plan to buy something new to doing something that will completely revolutionise in your life, now is the time.


New year is not the time to start your physical exercise programme. January is the middle of winter, a time when the body’s natural resources are at their lowest ebb. There is a reason that we overdo it at Christmas, winter is the time to build your reserves and store your energy. Look to nature, do you see the animals coming back to life in January, do the flowers, trees and shrubs suddenly burst forth with outward activity?
Spring is the time to start to venture forth once more into the world. The sun has returned, the days are longer and warmer and we are much better equipped physically and emotionally to start to exercise. So, take some long walks and begin to explore the outside world again.
Now is the time to be active. There are no false starts in the spring.


As with exercise and exploration so too with detoxing. In the human body the Wood element is associated with the Liver and the Gall Bladder. These two organs are in sync with the energy of the spring. In healthy individuals who have been conserving their strength during the winter the energy of the Liver and Gall Bladder is now at its peak. This is the time to look after them and a therapeutic detox is a wonderful way to start the season.


As with the physical body so too with your surroundings. The Wood energy all around you is about clearing out the old. This is the time for the spring clean, the time to go through your house and throw away all the clutter you may have amassed over the previous year. Liver and Gall bladder energy is lean and focused, there is no place for clutter and deadwood.
One exercise is to throw something away or give something to a second hand shop every day for a month. You will be amazed at just how easy it is and just how much better you will feel as you do it.


By now you probably get the picture. Wood energy is about expression and outward movement. The spring is no time to be a shrinking violet. Whatever is not working in your life, whatever you have left undone or unsaid this is the time to get out of your comfort zone and really make the changes that will benefit you in the future. Wood is about vision. Have the vision to see what is working in your life and what isn’t and then make the change.


With thanks to our colleague Paul Cooney for this blog post.

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