Back Care Awareness

This week is Back Care Awareness Week.

One in four appointments in our clinic are for back pain, relating to various parts of the back. Although many people suffer back pain, it is very individual to the person. Location, what the pain feels like, whether it is referred, what makes it better or worse all give us an indication of how to treat the pain. The cause of pain may give us an idea of how it started, for example whiplash, bad posture, overworking and of course stress and emotions.

This week we treated several patients who came with back ache. Some with chronic lower back ache due to sporting injuries and dancing. At the other end of the spectrum we also see people who lead sedentary lives, sitting behind computers. This can trigger or cause upper and lower back pain.
Although all of them present with back pain, we vary the treatment according to the individual.

As mentioned before, emotions can also cause back pain. It is good to be aware if pain gets triggered when life gets more stressful. In these cases acknowledging and dealing with the emotions may release the pain.

Acupuncture has become a viable alternative to deal with back pain, especially for those who don’t want to take pain killers on an ongoing basis.

Generally we advise people to keep moving, with awareness. Yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong and pilates can help improve posture and release tense muscles. Walking is also great.

For individual advise please come for a session.

Please click here for a video on which Financial advisor John Joseph talks about his use of acupuncture in treating lower back pain. Adam Leighton is the acupuncturist.

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