Kids: Acupuncture helps kids – A Case Study

A case from our clinic

We regularly get younger people into our clinic and recently a nine year old boy came with his mum. He usually has hay fever from March til July and his symptoms had worsened as he also had a cold. His eyes and nose were itchy and his nose was blocked and he was sneezing a lot. Then his throat also became itchy and inflamed. He was not able to sleep and was therefore tired and irritable and not able to concentrate at school. He also had been off school for a few days.

His mum didn’t want him to have to take medication throughout the summer and so she decided to try acupuncture.

Initially he wasn’t too keen on needles but when he saw how tiny they are he was OK and even interested in what it looked like once they were in. He got his mum to take a photo of it.

For children we generally use as few needles as possible. Most kids don’t lie still for too long so we only leave them in for around 10 – 15 minutes. This still gives them a full and beneficial treatment as children’s energy moves much faster than adults and therefore often get results much quicker too.

After the first session he felt much better, slept well and didn’t have a cold anymore and the other symptoms had lessened considerably. He had been back to school too. He had four more sessions all in a short space of time and that cleared his symptoms and meant he could play again outside in the park.

So acupuncture helps kids too. It can help with coughs and colds, hay fever, headaches, digestive issues and much more.

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